Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Introducing the Community of Practice Chats

In response to feedback collected from our members, the Project and Portfolio Management Community of Practice (PPM CoP) is excited to introduce the pilot of PPM CoP Chats.
What is it?
PPM CoP Chats will be 30-minute sessions where attendees can come together to share experiences, discuss challenges or lessons learned, exchange ideas and tools, and advance our understanding of PPM topics.
Please come prepared to talk about your experience, feedback and/or questions about each topic.
No experience required, all are welcome!
We hope you will find the PPM CoP Chats a worthwhile event to expand your knowledge of the various tools and best practices available to support successful delivery of projects!
Questions? Please contact Pam Fluttert (fluttert@uwaterloo.ca) or Connie van Oostveen (connie.vanoostveen@uwaterloo.ca).
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