Graduate Student

I have just begun my MA candidacy at the same school that I received my BA (Hons) at - The University of Waterloo. Under the supervision of Drs. Derek Koehler and Jonathan Fugelsang, I explore the areas of reasoning and decision making.

My research focuses on how people can reduce their naturally occurring biases when thinking – known as “cognitive de-biasing”. At the present moment I am in pursuit of a de-biasing tactic that can consistently increase rational processing across a diverse range of tasks. The ultimate goal of my research is to provide a quick and efficient method to help everyday people “think clearer” whenever they so wish.

In addition to my addiction to studying how people “think”, I’m passionate about music (playing, listening, and its history), arm-chair philosophy (usually wine-fuelled nonsensical rants), and comfort-food cooking (taking the ‘freshman-15’ to a whole new level). Oh, and cats > dogs.

University of Waterloo

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