Your Guide to UWaterloo Alumni Offerings - Part One

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Here’s a quick overview of the many items on our list, if you’re looking for a specific one then feel free to skip down. Otherwise, buckle up for alumni offerings galore! 

This article will cover the following seven items on the list. Stay tuned for Part Two which will introduce an additional seven alumni offerings (coming soon!).

Digital Alumni Handbook (We Are Waterloo)

The Digital Alumni Handbook and New Alumni webpage are a great place to start looking for information when you first join the Alumni Club! It introduces the amazing 221,000+ person strong community you’ve just become a part of and links to many of the benefits described below. For example, you’ll find information on discounts, insurance and finance, career development, and how to leverage our network there. It also has pertinent information for new grads about convocation and how to update your contact information. 

Alumni E-Community

The Alumni E-Community is a lesser known but tremendously useful resource that you have access to with your WatIAM user login. It lets you continue to have access to WaterlooWorks and the Alumni Directory, catch up with news on your classmates through Alumni News, and easily update your pre-populated alumni profile.  

Ten Thousand Coffees

Ten Thousand Coffees is an exclusive networking platform that powers career development through mentorship in different formats like one-on-one or group based. Through the UWaterloo portal, you can not only gain access to other alumni but also students who share similar interests or have backgrounds you want to learn more about. Flexibility is the name of the game because you can opt to have the platform automatically connect you with others based on your preferences or manually and reach out to those you’re interested in connecting with. Speaking of preferences, you can specify the types of goals you’ve accomplished in addition to the ones you’re striving for. In this way, you can see who else on the platform has the skills you’d like to pick up and can form a mutual interest through. 

One of the coolest things you can access through Ten Thousand Coffees is a series of exclusive, small group Office Hours hosted by industry leaders. They take on a conversational nature so that you can connect, learn, and ask questions at ease. Previous office hours include “Inside the World of Consulting Engineering”, “The Science Behind Selling”, and “Leading Through Challenging Times”.

Chapters and Global Ambassadors Program

One of the hardest parts of graduating is that you generally move physically away from campus and Waterloo. That is unless you’ve got Stockholm Syndrome and can’t part with the geese or less likely, you somehow managed to find a job close by. Even in the latter cases, there may come a time when you’re traveling or moving and having a network to lean on could be useful. Or you’re looking to connect with fellow alumni over shared interests or by what you studied. 

Enter your alumni network

You can look through chapters of Waterloo alumni by location to find the local chapter team, upcoming events in that area, and social media groups. These can help to serve as a connection in different parts of the world on an individual level to provide support and guidance. For example, if you decide to move and need practical advice on how to prepare for your new city. There are also group events, like chapter happy hours where you can meet, network, and make friends with fellow alumni in your city. If there isn’t a chapter in your city, you can become a Global Ambassador and lead the chapter for your area!

Now if you want to meet with alumni who share similar backgrounds or interests, you can check out the Alumni Affinity Groups. The idea is that you can foster connections with alumni through activities, mentorship, and experiences of your choosing. They range from the Waterloo Warrior’s Men’s Hockey Alumni Committee to the University of Waterloo African Alumni Association and beyond. If you have a new idea for a group, you can fill out a form and take on a leadership role! 

Of course, there are also alumni groups by faculty so if you miss your faculty or are interested in learning about another one, you can always build your community and get connected through them. This may be slightly biased but the Engineering faculty network is lit and if you’re not connected, here’s a solid dose of fomo for ya!

GOLD - Grads of the Last Decade

The GOLD (Grads of the Last Decade) program is actually championing the Alumni Affinity Groups from the previous section. The intent of this initiative is to focus on alumni engagement opportunities that create meaningful and progressive involvement for alumni who graduated in the last 10 years with the University while also deepening a culture of philanthropy, volunteerism and financial engagement. This is in a nascent stage but the first event to be held for program was Game Changers. This event series aims to celebrate GOLDs - grads of the last decade - and consists of a series of short lightning talks by young alumni to showcase various career paths, passion projects, and side hustles. It’s another chance to mix, mingle, and make memories! More events in this series to come.

Social Media

If UWaterloo was a person then that person would be an influencer. Take a look for yourself on the UWaterloo social media page because there are so many ways to connect including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. One of the best ways to connect professionally is through the LinkedIn UWaterloo Alumni group. This is because you can find and network with Waterloo alumni by accessing them through the Alumni Tool. If you’re unfamiliar with it, fear not, here’s a quick 3-minute tutorial on how to make the most of it. 

Alumni and Friends

Alumni and Friends page is the UWaterloo Engineering touchpoint for alumni. You can find everything from the annually published Waterloo Engineering Alumni Letter (WEAL) to information on alumni reunions and more. Notably, you can nominate a Waterloo Engineering alumnus, a team of alumni, a young alumni, or a friend of the Faculty of Engineering who, in your opinion, should be considered for an award. Honoring our alumni for their achievements is a wonderful way to celebrate the leaders in our community! Alumni and Friends also holds several pieces of practical information, like how to replace an Iron Ring or contact alumni affairs. 


If it feels like you’ve been reading for a while, it’s because there are A LOT of perks that you have access to as UWaterloo alumni. So the parting advice is similar to what you probably were told as a first year. There is so much opportunity all around you, you simply have to reach out and take advantage of it. Don’t be afraid to join an affinity group or sign up for one of Ten Thousand Coffees. Finally, keep an eye out for Part Two of this series where you’ll learn about all the alumni discounts, how to sign up for free courses on LinkedIn Learning, and more.