Kai Gandhi

Giving Back Working Group Member
Kai Gandhi

Degree: Software Engineering, BSE 2018
LinkedIn: Kai Gandhi

What are you doing now and how does your engineering education from Waterloo help with your life today?
Currently I am exploring my next career move. Most recently, I was a product lead at Yahoo working on coming up with new features to differentiate Yahoo Mail. While there, I also helped run the company's Associate Product Manager program. Learning about how software is built in the industry as part of my engineering education directly helps me today as I pursue a career in tech.

Why did you decide to be a part of REAC?
Prior to joining Yahoo, I was involved as a co-founder with EPOCH, a startup out of Velocity that helps people teams drive workplace culture with analytics, automation and integrations for employee programs. Initially, we helped match employees at companies with local volunteering opportunities at non-profits; those efforts showed me the value of mentorship and connection within communities. When I stumbled across REAC, I was excited to help foster professional relationships amongst our alumni community.

What is a favourite piece of advice or quote that you would be interested in sharing?
Foster curiosity, be proactive and believe in yourself! Know what you want, and don't let the fear of failure hold you back from trying.

What was your favourite place to eat at in Waterloo?
Shawerma Plus! They had the best sauces and BOGO deals.

Finally, do you have any fun and/or interesting media recommendations? Could be a book, song, movie, documentary, videogame, etc.
I recently appreciated watching the medical drama docuseries “Lennox Hill” on Netflix! It opened my eyes to the wonder of the human body and what goes on behind the scenes in providing healthcare.