Gender Equality

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Gender equality is one of the topics getting more and more attention in Indonesia, as it ensures that women and men receive the tailored support they need to achieve similar outcomes. As an example, project data on gender-based analysis indicate that a large number of girls and women enroll in mathematics and actuarial mathematics programs – in many instances comprising a majority. Female actuarial science students and accredited actuaries likewise tend to excel in their field.  Preliminary data and observations, however, which are currently being verified through the project’s baseline data collection efforts, indicate that once women enter the actuarial science profession they are less likely than men to assume senior and leadership roles (gender-sensitive indicators).  The reasons for these inequities are not yet clear and will constitute one of the topics upon which the project’s gender equity activities will focus.

“Women’s empowerment is central to achieving gender equality. Through empowerment, women become aware of unequal power relations, gain control over their lives, and acquire a greater voice to overcome inequality in their home, workplace and community.” (Global Affairs CanadaGender equality, policy and tools). Research on gender equity and equality in the actuarial science milieu, and the experiences of women and men in the milieu – both at the university level and within the profession – will also receive attention through the project’s various research initiatives.

Gender Equality Terms

Global Affairs Canada, Gender equality, policy and tools