Waterloo is the place for Peace

Forty years ago Conrad Grebel University College established the first peace studies program at a Canadian university. With the establishment of the Balsillie School for International Affairs, the University of Waterloo has focused its reputation and resources to train students and provide research capacity to deal with global governance issues. Recently other faculties from the University of Waterloo have engaged in creative conversations about ways that their research and faculty expertise can increase the capacity for peace building. 
Waterloo continues to lead the way on innovation and the collaboration of peace education is another example. 
Strategic partnerships with Rotarians around the world will utilize the experience and resources Waterloo has for creating a more peace-filled world.  Keep an eye on Waterloo for future developments! 

Peace Scholarship winner Rizwan speaking at a Rotary Breakfast

Rotary Peace Scholarship Award

Rotary Peace Scholarship at Conrad Grebel University College:
Rotary Award WinnerThis award supports the training of graduate students and community leaders originating from areas of conflict, with priority given to international students. Students who are giving leadership in the area of conflict management in their home community and who are committed to working in the area of peace and conflict transformation after graduation will be invited to apply after they have been offered admission to the MPACS program.
Approximately $10,000 is awarded annually.

Rotary Peace Scholarship at the Balsillie School of International Affairs:
A scholarship awarded to a full-time graduate student at the Balsillie School of International Affairs who is entering the first year of the Masters of Arts in Global Governance program in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Waterloo on the basis of academic excellence. The recipient must be conducting research that focuses broadly on questions of peace and they must have a demonstrated record of service to the cause of peace.  Applicants will be selected by the Program Directorship following consultation with the admissions committee. This fund is made possible by a donation from the KW Cluster of Rotary Clubs.
Approximately $10,000 is awarded annually.

Catherine Award Winner

Rotary’s Commitment to Peace

Five KW area Rotary clubs have given over $150,000 
since 2015 to the Rotary Peace Scholarship at Waterloo. 

Your Club and/or Cluster can support a peace scholarship too. 
For more information contact:
Ernie Ginsler, Chair, Peace Initiatives, District 7080
519-742-5569 | ernie@ginsler.com

Rotarians with 2019 Rotary Peace Scholarship winners

Past Award Recipients

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