Research team

Peter Levine, Principal Investigator, Silicon Bioelectronics (SiBio) Laboratory

Peter Levine
Peter M. Levine received a Bachelor of Engineering in computer engineering and Master of Engineering in electrical engineering from McGill University, Montreal, QC in 2001 and 2004, respectively. In 2009, he obtained a PhD in electrical engineering (with distinction) from Columbia University, NY.

His doctoral work focused on the design of active complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) biochips for electrochemical DNA assays. From 2009 to 2010, he worked as a research engineer in integrated circuit and sensor design for the biotechnology start-up Ion Torrent in Guilford, CT (now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific), which commercialized the first semiconductor-based, fully-electronic genome sequencer. In 2011, he joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo where he is now a professor. His research interests include CMOS-integrated electrochemical sensors, CMOS visible-light and X-ray imagers, and the design of analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits for sensor interfaces.

Current research team:

Reza Mohammadi, PhD candidate

Jack DeGooyer, MASc candidate (co-advised by Professor M. Reimer)

Ahmad Lakhani, MASc candidate (co-advised by Professor K. S. Karim)

Shane McLachlan MASc Candidate

Michael Wright, MASc Candidate

Undergraduate student alumni

Alice Luo, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) 499 project, 2020

Ashwin Krishnan, ECE 499 project, 2019

James Oswald, Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA), 2018

Heemal Parimoo, URA, 2018

Wenjing Chen, URA, 2016 (co-advised by Professor J. R. Long)

Jesse Schmidt, URA, 2015

Hariram Krishnamurthy, URA, 2014

Boran Ma, Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS) internship, 2013 (co-advised by Professor N. M. Abukhdeir)

Anik Islam, ECE 499 project, 2013

Mark Cachia, research volunteer, 2012

Hai Huang, URA, 2012 (co-advised by Professor S. Garg)

Chiang (John) Hsu, ECE 499 project, 2012

Vinay Sagar, NE 459 project, 2012

Conor O'Sullivan, ECE 499/NSERC USRA project, 2011 (co-advised by Professor S. Garg)

Emmanuel DeVries, ECE 499 project, 2011

Graduate student alumni

Ashwin Krishnan, MASc 2022

Hai Huang, PhD 2020 (co-advised by Professor S. Boumaiza)

Jesse Schmidt, MASc 2019

Yi Jie (Jerry) Liang, MASc 2018 (co-advised by Professor K. S. Karim)

Aman Muthreja, MASc 2018 (co-advised by Professor J. R. Long)

Yun Zhe (Hummer) Li, MASc 2018 (co-advised by Professor K. S. Karim)

Abdallah El-Falou, MASc 2018 (co-advised by Professor K. S. Karim)

Alireza Parsafar, MASc 2015 (co-advised by Professor K. S. Karim)

Areeb Ali, MASc 2015

Mark Ibrahim, MASc 2014

Conor O'Sullivan, MASc 2013 (co-advised by Professor S. Garg)

Karl Jensen, MASc 2013 (co-advised by Professor V. C. Gaudet)

Postdoctoral and Research Associate (RA) Alumni

Sadaf Mohsenkhani, RA, 2019-2020

Michael Mierzejewski, RA, 2019-2020