Exam information

  • We will no longer being mailing out paper copies of the exam. The exam is going to be written online. 
  • The fees for the SIN exam are $3.00 per exam.
  • Login information will be sent to the teacher on April 26, 2019. Old user ids and passwords are now obsolete.
  • Your school will have a two hour time frame in which to write the exam.  Pick whatever two hour time frame that works best for your school.
  • Students can write on a school computer or bring in their own lap top. 
  • You will be able to view the results a few days after the exam.  If one of your students receives a mark of 'x' or above you will send in their solutions for hand marking.  

The test is written in May, written under local school supervision in a two-hour period. As in the past, material will cover basic physics, mainly from the suggested Ontario Secondary School Physics Curriculum which is now aligned more with the rest of Canada. Some schools feel at a disadvantage because of semesterization but remember that the SIN test has always stressed basic classical mechanics and common sense. Results will be computer-processed, with the top 200 or so papers hand-graded to select SIN scholarship winners and a host of book awards.

It should be stressed that the SIN test is meant to challenge the best students to apply basic physics in problem situations. Few perfect papers are written and the "raw average score" now ranges from 20-40%. We hope students enjoy the test! The results are never seen by any admission people and cannot count against a student in any way.

Will be written on

Thursday May 7, 2020

Exams must be ordered by

April 17, 2020

Login credentials will be emailed to the teacher on April 24, 2020

Results and certificates are not mailed out. 

Teachers can print certificates and access student results from their account.