Electrical and computer engineering professor, Ladan Tahvildari, receives an Ontario Early Researcher Award

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fourteen young faculty members at UW have received Ontario's "early researcher awards", aimed at helping them build their research teams. They will be investigating such diverse areas as better ways to rehabilitate stroke victims, design crash-free software and develop efficient drinking water treatment.

The awards will help recruit graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and research associates. The recipients will get up to $100,000 from the Ontario government and $50,000 from their university.

"The awards make it easier for the university to recruit promising young researchers for our research teams," said Alan George, UW's vice-president (university research). "Their discoveries will ensure that Ontario can compete in the marketplace of ideas." Electrical and computer engineering professor, Ladan Tahvildari, is one of those fourteen recipients:

Ladan Tahvildari, professor of electrical and computer engineering: A Self-healing Framework to Enable Adaptive Software Systems.

Anyone using a computer knows about software crashes. Most software operates in an environment that is not always well defined or predictable. By incorporating self-healing capabilities into software systems, Tahvildari and her research team will attempt to make them capable of handling unexpected changes. The project develops and designs a self-healing framework that can detect improper operations of applications and then correct problems without service disruptions.

Congratulations Ladan!