Former students and researchers

students working at computers

Doctoral Students

Sepehr Eghbali, 2020, Applied Scientist at Amazon

Mahsa Emami Taba, 2018, Senior Software Engineer at Sun Life Financial

Mohammad Hamdaqa, 2016, Assistant Professor at Ecole Polytechnique Montreal

Mahdi Manesh (Co-Supervisor with Jürgen Ebert-University of Koblenz), 2014, Head of SE and Deep Tech at Porsche Digital GmbH

Mehdi Amoui, 2012, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Localintel formerly the Co-Founder and CTO of Quantaad Inc.

Ali Razavi (Co-Supervisor with Kostas Kontogiannis), 2012, Research Engineer at DeepMind formerly a Staff Software Engineer at Google

Igor Ivkovik (Co-Supervisor with Kostas Kontogiannis), 2011, Lecturer at University of Waterloo (Deceased in 2020) formerly a Lecturer at Wilfrid Laurier University

Mazeiar Salehie, 2009, Team Lead Software Engineer at Groupon formerly a Research Fellow at Lero (Irish Software Engineering Research Centre) 

Master's Students

Shizhe Lin, 2022 currently PhD Student in UW-STAR Group

Soheil Soltani, 2019, Machine Learning Software Engineer at SNC-Lavalin

Vinit Kudva, 2018, Senior Software Developer at Magnet Forensics

Weining Liu, 2014, CTO at Investor Cash Management formerly a Principal Consultant at iTech Choice International

Manbeen Kohli, 2011, Principal Product Manager at Amazon Web Services formerly a Technical Program Manager at Google

Nilam Kaushik, 2011, Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore formerly a Senior Core UI Software Developer at Blackberry

Sen Li, 2010, Software Engineer at Google formerly a Test Automation Developer at Blackberry

Reza Asadollahi, 2009, Senior Software Architect at PointClickCare formerly a Senior Software Developer at Agfa Healthcare

Afshar Ganjali, 2009, Lead Security Researcher at Security Compass

Alaa Hassouna, 2008, Senior Software Engineer at CISCO Systems

Siavash Mirarab, 2008, Associate Professor at University of California, San Diego (UCSD)

Azin Ashkan, 2007, Senior Software Engineer at Google formerly a Senior Researcher at Technicolor

Shimin Li, 2006, Self-employed formerly a Senior Software QA Tester at Blackberry

Subrina A. Tonu, 2006, Senior Software Developer at Descartes System Group Inc. formerly a Software Developer at Peer Group Inc.

Former Research Associates/Visiting Scholars/Post-Doctoral Fellows

Mingyang Xu (Research Associate), May-December 2021

Ryan Zheng He Liu (Research Associate), January-August 2020

Mehdi Amoui (PDF), April 2012-December 2013

Mahdi Derakhshanmanesh (Visiting Scholar), Germany (Koblenz University), JanuaryApril 2013 and June-December 2010

Nilam Kaushik (Research Associate), January-August 2012

Mazeiar Salehie (PDF), January-December 2010

Edson Alves de Oliveira Junior (Visiting Scholar), Brazil (University of São Paulo), February-December 2009. (currently an Assistant Professor at State University of Maring in Brazil)

Shimin Li (Research Associate), September-December 2006

Siavash Mirarb (Research Associate), May-August 2006

Undergraduate Students

Allyson Xu (Co-op), Fall 2021

Krishan Patel (Co-op), Fall 2021

David Liu (Co-op), Fall 2021

Aidan Campbell (Co-op), Fall 2020

Alex Tan (Co-op), Fall 2020

Dimitry Tsarapkine (Co-op), Fall 2020

Xiaofei Zhang (Co-op), Spring 2020

Kourosh Maghsoudlou (Co-op), Spring 2020

Jay Bhagat (Co-op), Spring 2020

James Bundgard (Co-op), Winter 2020

Arshan Khanifar (URA and Co-op), Winter 2017 and Winter 2020

Run Ting Wan (Co-op), Fall 2019

Stefan Caloian (Co-op), Fall 2019

Shizhe Lin (Co-op), Fall 2019

Susheel Kona (Co-op), Spring 2019

Aurchon Datta (Co-op), Spring 2019

Abhiva Agrahari (Co-op), Spring 2019

Caleb Peterson (Co-op), Winter 2019

Jerry Huang (Co-op), Winter 2019

Surien Das-Giwojno (Co-op), Winter 2019

Mingzhang (Alex) Liu (Co-op), Fall 2018

Ravi Seth (Co-op), Fall 2018

Jackson Zheng (Co-op), Fall 2018

Gaurav Lath (URA), Fall 2018

Anmol Arora (URA), Spring 2018

Yingchang Zuo (Co-op), Spring 2018

Jackie Xu (URA), Fall 2017

Shengqiao Zhao (Co-op), Fall 2017

Yuan Jun (Jackie) Xu (Co-op), Spring 2017

Jerry Wang (URA), Winter 2017

Mohammed Moustafa (Co-op), Spring 2013

Jakub Dworakowski (Co-op), Spring 2013 and Fall 2012

Jingyu Lim (Co-op), Spring 2013

Siam Azmal (Co-op), Winter 2013

Marvin Luu (Co-op), Winter 2013

Brian Stock (Co-op), Winter 2013

James Swidersky (URA and Co-op), Fall 2012 and Spring 2012

Abrahim Al-Dabbagh (Co-op), Fall 2012

Taufiq Ramji (Co-op and URA), Winter 2012 and Fall 2011. Shahab Akmal (Co-op), Winter 2012

Brice Nkengsa (URA and Co-op), Spring 2011 and Winter 2011

Greg O’Grady (URA and Co-op), Winter 2011 and Fall 2010

Mark Paul West (Co-op), Fall 2010

Mark Dittmer (URA), Spring 2010

Shahin Khosrowshahian (Co-op and URA), Winter 2010 and Spring 2009

Jeff Liu (URA), Winter-Spring 2008

Fazal Allanabanda (URA), Winter-Spring 2008

Imraan Dhira (URA), Winter 2008

Sen Li (Co-op and URA), Spring-Fall 2007

Ali Reza Sharafat (Co-op and URA), Winter 2006, Spring 2006, Spring 2007

Ammong Hong, Fran Wu (ECE499), Winter-Spring 2007

Cory Cater; Phil Liew; Stephen Chan, Tim Kuo (ECE492A), Fall 2006-Winter 2008

Andy Hwang (Co-op), Spring 2006

Sandeep Wali (Co-op), Spring 2006

Jasper Yeh (Co-op), Spring 2006

Alexander Kolicich (URA), Winter 2006

Wan Luo (URA), Winter 2006

Orlando Marquez (URA), Winter 2006

Maria Ly (ECE499), Winter-Spring 2006

Derek Kwok (URA), Spring 2005

Astha Gupta; Hsiao Lin; Joseph Fung; Sonya Konzak (ECE492A/492B), Winter 2005- Winter 2006