Our 2015 campaign

We set a goal and we beat it again

We made a huge impact this year - again. And not only did we hit our goal, $267,535.95, but the University of Waterloo was also awarded the Leadership Campaign Award at the United Way KW & Area Community Spirit Awards for the outstanding work done to raise money among Waterloo’s leadership team.

James Skidmore and Jan Varner

Launching #UWUnitedWay

The campaign for the region started on September 19 at the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre with the United Way Kitchener-Waterloo & Area revealing its goal of $5,075,750 (the 75s to tie in the organization’s 75th anniversary year). The University of Waterloo Athletics Department pulled together a team of 10 to pull a 70,000 pound 737 Nolinor Jet Liner.

Student athletes pulling jet plan

Going red

Ten days later, the Waterloo campus went red. “By ‘going red’, it shows that we believe in the work of the United Way,” said co-chair James Skidmore. “As an organization, the United Way works with local agencies to identify real needs in our community. Needs that we see in our work here at the university, such as the mental health challenges faced by our students, are the needs that the agencies supported by the United Way seek to address.”