Our 2017 campaign

Every little bit counts

“Every little bit counts”

That was the sentiment of the University of Waterloo’s United Way campaign committee as we realized we were going to be $10,000 short of our $270,000 campaign goal for 2017.

We said ‘every little bit’ because we know it takes a cross-campus effort from every corner to reach our United Way goal every year. From our tremendous volunteers to generous donors and enthusiastic event attendees, the staff, faculty and retirees of Waterloo support the campaign in so many ways. We know that we can’t make our goal without you.

On-campus United Way events are organized by a team of 138 volunteers and are attended by hundreds of staff and faculty. This participation continues to be a sizeable portion of the university’s campaign, contributing just over $27,000 to our total.

The campaign is also lucky to have over 480 donors who give via ongoing donations or one-time gifts. These funds make up the bulk of our campaign total and are key to showing how the University of Waterloo supports the community we all work in.

Donation level

Number of donors

$0-$120 ($10/month)


$121-$240 ($20/month)








As we look ahead to our 2018 campaign, we want to continue to echo the “every little bit counts” sentiment.

While the campaign benefits from a number of donors who give at a leadership level, we know it’s critical that the campaign continue to be supported by donors who can contribute $10 or $20 a month. The University of Waterloo employs thousands of staff and faculty; if just 40 of our colleagues began giving $20 a month, we’d close the gap on our 2017 goal.

Every little bit counts.

If you’d like to make a contribution (payroll option available) to or learn how you can volunteer as part of the University of Waterloo’s United Way campaign, contact the United Way Office at united.way@uwaterloo.ca