Our impact

Making a difference in our community

In 2019, we raised $262,590.16 that will help fund programs that support community involvement, fight poverty, and support youth in our community.

Here’s the impact that had:

4% of the United Way Waterloo Region Communities’ results, helping to:

  • Support programs to help youth enhance their social and educational skills
  • Provide funding to programs that help those in need of counselling and mental health services
  • Fund programs that help local immigrants connect to their community
  • Provide support to programs dedicated to bringing our communities together
  • Support programs that help those living in poverty in our community

2019 Campaign Highlights

During the fall campaign, 83 campus ambassadors organized events and initiatives that made working on campus and supporting the United Way much more fun:

held by 34 departments
more than $29,000raised

In addition:

  • Our average donation was $518.75 --> $43/month
  • 78 first-time donors – that’s just over 17% of our 459 total donors!

Campus community members from all over campus came together to enjoy more than 300 bowls of soup at our Souper Tuesday on November 2, 2019, raising over $1,300!