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People spotlight: Meet some of the faces behind this year's campaign

Emily Huxley OsborneI give to the United Way as they help groups find creative ways to have an even bigger impact in our community rather than could be achieved individually. The importance of this work is heightened by the pandemic to ensure our quick conversion to digital delivery doesn’t become a barrier to accessing the services and programs connected to the United Way.”

Emily Huxley-Osborne
Seniour Alumni Officer, Student Alumni Bridge | Volunteer Ambassador, United Way Campaign

“When I was 14-years-old, I was introduced to the criminal justice system as a child witness. Helping me find hope in one of the most traumatic experiences of my life was a United Way supported agency called the Child Witness Centre. Many years later I began volunteering with the Child Witness Centre and other community service organizations and I found that the commonality between not-for-profits was not only the passion staff have for helping or community, but that United Way is often listed as a key supporter in many annual reports.

Landon JenningsIn 2018 I was hired as a co-op student for the University of Waterloo’s United Way Campaign. During this role. I learned so much about United Way and how it is a trusted agency that supports multiple organizations that impact the lives of many people within our region.

Oftentimes I think many people working for UWaterloo understand that donations to our campaign come full circle. So, during this experience I began impact speaking for the organization to illustrate to others that dollars raised throughout similar campaigns like ours can impact someone who is connected to UWaterloo, like myself. Without the support I received in the community I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Because of generous donors I had the opportunity to seek the support I needed to become resilient.

Now more than ever our community needs our support. The pandemic has had a significant influence on a variety of not-for-profits, individual families, and groups. We need to bind together and ensure Waterloo Region continues to thrive. I personally started donating just $10 per month back in 2018 and continue this yearly. As a recent graduate I cannot give a lot, but I know that every little bit counts and can make a big difference!”

Landon Jennings
Advancement & Alumni Relations Coordinator, St. Paul’s | Communications Volunteer & Impact Speaker

(Landon has moved on from the University of Waterloo and now works for St. Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener. However, Landon is still involved with the United Way and continues to impact the work we do here at the University of Waterloo.)

James Skidmore “I live a privileged life and want to share what I have, but I don’t know where the need is greatest. The United Way does. They support agencies rooted in the community and by giving to the United Way, I’m affirming my solidarity with everyone who lives in Waterloo region. These past few months it has become clear that those on the margins are more likely to be affected by the pandemic than others, making it even more important to support the United Way…”

James M. Skidmore
Germanic & Slavic Studies, Faculty Member, Donor

 Mary Lynne Barlett“The United Way is so important because it helps build strong communities and connects people! Being part of the Library United Way team is a really fun and engaging way to collaborate with colleagues I don’t get to work with regularly and do something for a great cause.”

Mary Lynne Barlett
Student Engagement Coordinator, Library | United Way Volunteer & Donor


Roly Webster“Having lived in the KW community for almost 30 years, I know the vital role this organization plays in our community, and my wife and are grateful to be in a position to support in various ways. Having been directly involved with the local United Way, and the campaign on our campus, I know deeply the impact this organization has on our community, and the role the University of Waterloo plays as a champion for this cause, but also the significant impact the success of workplace campaign has on our community. No doubt during COVID, there has been no greater need by many charities and causes, but I feel the United Way’s strategic and holistic approach allows for the greatest impact in supporting these organizations, programs and services, with a vision of strengthening the community for all.”

Roly Webster
Director, Athletic and Recreation | United Way Supporter

 “As newcomers to KW in 2011 my wife and I were very quickly and forcefully struck by the very strong sense of community that greeted us, and just how deeply committed so many of those we met were to making this a better community for all. Having spent much of my life in larger cities, ones where size and sprawl all too often strained social relationships, we came to appreciate just how durable were the ties binding us together.

Doug PeersThat same spirit animated the wider UWaterloo community where I found deep-rooted commitment to social justice and the betterment of the wider community. We had fun – we took our challenges seriously, but not ourselves…

2020 has proven to be a particularly challenging year: COVID has threatened the physical and mental health, the livelihoods, and the prospects for the future of so many among us. And for many groups and individuals, this has compounded the historical experience of racism, sexism, and other manifestations of prejudice, intolerance, and exploitation. We in the university are not immune to the turbulence, disquiet, and divisions around us. Whether we are staff or student, the pandemic is a tangible reminder of our interdependence. Cutting ourselves off from one another is no way forward.”

The United Way has been and remains a key ally in addressing the challenges before us, now needed more than ever.”

Douglas Peers
Professor, History (Former Dean of Arts) | United Way Champion

Sarah Martin“I love volunteering and donating to the United Way because I can see the good it does in my community. Being part of the Library’s United Way team helps me build connections with my colleagues, and it is a fun and creative way to encourage others to be involved with a great organization!”

Sarah Martin
Manager, Lending Services | Library Ambassador

Rubin Kataki“As UWaterloo staff and campus community members, we have a responsibility to show up and give back during this unprecedented time when our most vulnerable populations within our region need us. Poor mental health, food scarcity, housing instability, and addiction affects everyone: a colleague, a friend or even a neighbour. By donating to the UWaterloo United Way Campaign we have the unique power to make a real, tangible difference to someone who lives in the very region we call home.”

Rubin Kataki
Matching Gift Specialist, Office of Advancement | Giving & Stewardship Volunteer

(Rubin now works in the Faculty of Mathematics for Math Advancement as a Development Officer. He continues to support the United Way and the work we do here at the University of Waterloo.)

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Rubin Kataki

Stewardship & Giving Coordinator

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