Our impact

Making a difference in our community

In 2020, we raised $230,405.68 that will help fund programs that enhance support for basic needs, mental health, and social isolation in our community.

Our funds raised have supported:

  • The COVID-relief fund for Waterloo Region
  • Programs to help youth enhance their social and educational skills
  • Programs that help those in need of counselling and mental health services
  • Programs that help local immigrants connect to their community
  • Programs dedicated to bringing individuals and our communities together
  • Programs that help those living in poverty in our community
  • And more.

Unied Way package containing a United Way bag, water bottle and mask


    2020 Campaign Highlights

    During the campaign, 27 dedicated campus ambassadors organized events and initiatives that made working from home (for many of us) and supporting the United Way much more fun and accessible:

    held by 15departments
    more than $12,100raised

    Our average donation was $474.41 --> $40 monthly!

    103 first-time donors – that’s just over 22.4% of our 460 total donors!

    For the first time, we partnered with the W Store to raise money through direct donations and a United Way bundle box filled with useful items needed in a pandemic.

    Available from the W Store,  the United Way bundle box included a tote bag, hand sanitizer, a water bottle, and a mask.

    Feature photo: the team from House of Friendship, one of the organizations supported by the United Way, including Health alumnus Jessica Bondy (MA '13). Director Housing Services. Learn more about the work House of Friendship does in our Charitable Spotlight.