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Short biography

I am currently a postdoc at VIP lab, University of Waterloo, ON. I recieved both my M.Sc. and Ph.D in computer sciences at Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Montreal, QC, in 2003 and 2005, respectively. I was a postdoc in computer science/computer engineering at University of Miami, FL, University of Ottawa, ON, and Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, QC, in 2005, 2011, and 2012, respectively. From 2007 to 2010, I filled a key position in a startup company (SPGDATA 3D) as computer vision researcher/Technical Director. I also filled an R&D position in game industry as computer vision scientist between 2012 and 2015. 


Alexander WongDavid A. Clausi

Research interests

My primary research interests lie in visual scene understanding. I am mainly concerned with solving problems arising in visual perception and action recognition, which are key components in many vision applications such as surveillance, robot guidance, multi-modal image interpretation, remote sensing, and visual field monitoring. I also focus my attention on the processing of optical/sonar images for underwater vision applications. Recently I’ve had a chance to explore many aspects falling at the edges between computer vision, computer graphics, and machine learning, such as performance-based animation, procedural animation, shape descriptors and spectral geometry for shape analysis.

Research topics

Computer Vision

Image Segmentation/Classification

Scientific Imaging

Stochastic Models

Video Analysis


Journal papers

  • H. Sekkati and S. Negahdaripour, “Opti-Acoustic Stereo Imaging: On System Calibration and 3-D Target Reconstruction”, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 18, issue 6, pp. 1203-1214, 2009.
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  • H. Sekkati and A. Mitiche, “Join optical flow estimation, segmentation, and 3D interpretation with level sets”, Special issue of CVIU commemorating the career of Prof. Azriel Rosenfeld. vol. 103., n◦ 2, pp. 89-100, 2006.

Conferences with committee

  • H.Sekkati, R.Laganiere, and A. Mitiche "Robust background subtraction using geodesic active contours in ICA Subspace for video surveillance applications", Ninth Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV 2012).
  • A. S. Montero, H.Sekkati, J. Lang, and R.Laganiere "Framework for Natural Landmark-based Robot Localization", Ninth Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV 2012).
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  • H. Sekkati and S. Negahdaripour, “Direct and Indirect 3-D Reconstruction from Opti-Acoustic Stereo Imaging”, Third International Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization and Transmission, Chapel Hill, USA, June 14-16, 2006.
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  • H. Sekkati and A. Mitiche, “Dense 3D Interpretation of Image Sequences: A variational approach using anisotropic diffusion”, IEEE Computer Society Press in the proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP 2003), Mantova, Italy, 2003. 
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