Concurrent Multiview Discrete Spectral Imaging Device from the VIS to the NIR

TitleConcurrent Multiview Discrete Spectral Imaging Device from the VIS to the NIR
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKazemzadeh, F., S. Haider, A. Wong, C. Scharfenberger, and C. D. A
Conference NameSPIE: Optics + Photonics
PublisherSPIE Proceedings
Conference LocationSan Diego, USA

Instruments used for multispectral and stereoscopic imaging are often large, operationally time-consuming, expensive, and are dedicated devices used in well controlled settings. A single instrument capable of performing both tasks, concurrently, in a single acquisition, has been developed. The optical design of a hand-held device which is capable of imaging multiple spectral bands as well as multiple perspective views of a field of view, in a single exposure, is presented. The device is created by making permanent augmentations to a camera. This device allows for imaging of six independent spectral bands in concert with five different perspective views of a given target, simultaneously on a single detector. This device utilizes a series of mirrors positioned obliquely to the principle axis of the imaging device that present different perspective views, of a target. The views are then simultaneously bandpass filtered and are imaged on the camera in a single exposure. The device enables spectral measurement of various targets in the visible and the near Infra-red wavelengths hence enabling multispectroscopic science. Exploiting the multi-view imaging capability of the device, depth information can be obtained and used for topological, three-dimensional surface reconstruction of a given target. Some applications of such a device are explored accompanied by demonstration of the merits of multispectral image analysis. Three-dimensional reconstruction of a few objects is also presented.