Collaborative Water Program

Coordinated and supported by the Water Institute, the Collaborative Water Program at the University of Waterloo offers a suite of 22 master's and doctoral programs. It gives you specialist expertise in your field, matched with the knowledge and skills required to communicate across disciplines and within interdisciplinary teams in the water sector. 

The most multidisciplinary graduate program in Canada

Global water issues are becoming increasingly complex and often require a collaborative approach across a breadth of disciplines. Game-changing research on the global water cycle, the blue economy, watershed management, urban water systems and other themes requires a crossdisciplinary mindset and vernacular. The ability to connect dots and creatively problem-solve will distinguish the water thought-leaders of tomorrow.

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    The Collaborative Water Program Committee

    The Collaborative Water Program Committee is comprised of representatives from the participating departments, graduate students and the Water Institute. The committee is chaired by Bruce MacVicar, the program director, and is responsible for developing and delivering the Collaborative Water Program. Current members of the committee are:


    Program contacts

    Prospective students

    • Connect with the program contacts listed for the individual programs you are interested in
    • Kevin Boehmer, managing director of the Water Institute, can also be of assistance


    How to apply

    Students apply to the program through the home department in which they wish to study.

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