Join us April 25, 2024

The University of Waterloo is proud to host the


APRIL 25, 2024

at McKinsey & Company in Toronto

Conversations with next-gen talent:
Leading and innovating in uncertain times 

Next-generation talent is a highly diverse, socially conscious community facing increasingly uncertain economic, technological, and societal challenges. Driven to improve the world and innovate new pathways to success, next-gen talent is influencing educators and employers alike to challenge conventions and evolve the ways we develop, nurture, and retain this highly skilled future workforce.  

Featured Speakers

Dominic Barton

Dominic Barton

Chancellor, University of Waterloo 

Chairman, Leapfrog Investments and Rio Tinto

Dr. Joël Blit

Joël Blit (MASc ’99)

Professor of Economics, University of Waterloo

Chair, Council on Innovation Policy

Helen Huang and Sefumni Osinaike

Helen Huang (BSc ’17) and Sefunmi Osinaike (BASc '17)

Founders, Co.Lab

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