Chris Hadfield delivers first lectures to Environment students

Commander Chris Hadfield made his Environment debut as Professor Hadfield to geography and aviation students. 

Professor Hadfield
The retired Canadian astronaut delivered his first surprise lecture of the afternoon to a third-year geography class on advanced remote sensing techniques. Hadfield described how he was able to snap photos of Earth while serving as commander of the International Space Station: “The countries aren’t colour-coded and north isn’t up,” Hadfield joked with the room of geographers.
Quizzing the room to see who could identify the various locations in his celestial photo collection, Hadfield lingered on one of the US/Mexico border. Farming techniques, city grids and irrigation patterns all change on the other side of a seemingly arbitrary line. “It’s amazing the amount of different information you can get from a photograph,” he said.

Hadfield’s three-year term as an adjunct professor at Waterloo is a cross-appointment to the Faculties of Science, Environment and Applied Health Sciences. Waterloo offers two undergraduate degrees in aviation, a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Environmental Studies.

Read more about Chris Hadfield's teaching debut here.

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