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Our residences

All of uWaterloo's residences are available to full-time University of Waterloo students, including co-ops, year-round.

Where do you fit in at residence? With over 4,700 undergraduate students and 400 graduate students living on campus, a vibrant community awaits!

Incoming first-year options

At the University of Waterloo you can find the right living option in one of our traditional- or suite-style residences. Find the right FIT for you!

Waterloo Residences:

University College Residences:


Upper-year (and transfer) options

Make sure to check out all your upper-year and transfer student options.

Exchange student options

Make sure to check out all your options as an exchange student.

Graduate students and family option 

Traditional-style residence

You'll live in a fully furnished single or double room with shared common areas and washrooms.

Your residence will have its own cafeteria where you will eat all your meals together with other students from your floor.

This is a great way to form new friendships and build a community.

Suite-style residence

You'll share a living room, bathroom(s), and a kitchen with your roommates.

There is no cafeteria in these residence facilities and students are required to do most of their cooking themselves; however, still have the option to purchase a meal plan.

Waterloo Residences maps

All maps in .PDF format:

Not sure Waterloo Residences is the right FIT for you? Check out our affiliates!

The VeloCity program

University College Residences

Note, not all affiliate options are available for first years and/or our first-year guarantee.