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Our group is developing new materials and bottom-up processing strategies to fabricate improved, typically nanocomposite, device components in order to advance technologies in areas such as electrochemical energy storage, energy generation, sensing and separations. We use methods in interfacial engineering to direct the assembly of nanocomposites from a variety of nanomaterial building blocks and molecular precursors such as polymers, surfactants and ionic liquids.

Nanomaterial production and intrinsic properties to films and nanocomposites with controlled porosity to advanced functional devices


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  1. Nov. 17, 2023Nik Burton wins Poster Award at CSCHE Conference
    Nik Buron

    Congratulations to PhD student Nikolai Burton for winning the Student Poster Presentation Competition at Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (CSCHE) 2023 in Calgary. The poster was based on a recent publication in the Journal of Membrane Science that shows record water vapour permeance for graphene oxide membranes with potential use cases in enabling more compact, energy efficient membrane dehumidification systems: https://lnkd.in/ggab4qmk.

  2. Oct. 27, 2023Manila Ozhukil Valappil wins Small Methods Poster Award at Flatlands beyond Graphene 2023

    Post-Doctoral Fellow Manila Ozhukil Valappil has been awarded the Small Methods Poster Award at the Flatlands beyond Graphene 2023 conference held in Prague, Czech Republic from 25-29 September! Her poster was titled 'Electrochemical Exfoliation of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Printed Optoelectronic Devices'.

  3. Oct. 13, 2022Nikolai Burton has been awarded the David Johnson International Student Entrance Scholarship


    Nikolai Burton has been awarded the David Johnson International Student Entrance Scholarship! Nikolai, a native of Barbados grew up on the island spending time with his family and playing football and cricket. Nikolai was selected for this award on the basis of academic excellence, and his academic achievements.

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