Implementation and timeline


The timeline for implementation of the Kuali catalog (academic calendar) and curriculum management solutions is in its infancy. The contract and purchase order were completed on June 22, 2022. Next, in partnership with Kuali, we will determine the timeline to implement and launch the products at Waterloo. If we are able, we hope to publish 2023 iterations of the academic calendars in the new software, however, a "curriculum first" approach is being taken in order to lay the best foundations for the academic calendars.

Implementation of the new academic calendar and curriculum management software begins with a business process review. The project team has already begun engaging with key stakeholders, which will help inform the implementation timeline for the curriculum and academic calendar builds.

Projected timeline

Project dates and milestones may change without notice.

  1. 2022
    1. Jan
      1. Request For Proposal opened

    2. Feb
      1. Request For Proposal closed

    3. Mar
      1. Potential vendors invited to demonstration phase

      2. Evaluation and contract phase

        Between mid-March and June, the evaluation team reviewed submissions, performed security due diligence and entered into contract negotiations.

    4. Jun
      1. Purchase order complete

    5. Jul
      1. Discovery with Kuali

        This phase will begin in July and is projected to last 2-3 months.

    6. Sep
      1. Configure databases

        Between September 2022 and June 2023, three required databases will be configured for course, program, and regulation form requirements. 

    7. Dec
      1. Configure workflows

        Between December 2022 and June 2023, configure course, program, and regulation workflows. 

  2. 2023
    1. Jun
      1. Data migration and validation

    2. Sep
      1. Training and early access for specific user group

    3. Oct
      1. Faculty-specific / open training for Kuali CM users

        This training will take place between October 2023 and January 2024.

    4. Dec
      1. Go live for Kuali CM

  3. 2024
    1. Apr
      1. Academic calendars published in Kuali