Kuali has been selected to provide an academic calendar and curriculum management solution for the campus. Kuali provides an academic calendar and forms-based curriculum management platform that enables campus stakeholders to submit, track, and approve curriculum motions across the University's governance model and assists administrators with an updated solution to publish the academic calendars, which will have enhanced features for all users of the academic calendars.

This solution will replace existing systems used to publish academic calendars - the Academic Calendar Maintenance System (Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar) and Web Content Management System (Graduate Studies Academic Calendar) - allowing for an updated and consistent look and feel across all student groups.

Kuali already has a working relationship with the University as the Office of Research utilizes their research solution.

Improving workflows and the user experience

improved workflows

Kuali will facilitate improved information management (resources, data management, versioning, reporting),  streamlined and workflow automation for co-ordination, review, amendments, approval and tracking processes for stakeholders through the delivery of  a  sustainable, supported platform and improved services.

Some of the key benefits of the Kuali system that both employees and students will immediately realize include:

  • Reduced risk related to Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) compliance and improved usability for students.
  • Improved accuracy and reliability with automated tracking, revision management and history, streamlined workflows, reduction of manual emails, Word and PDF document reviews.
  • The platform will support both undergraduate and graduate processes, which may vary under certain circumstances (e.g., publication cycles), providing a consistent workflow and experience across all faculties and affiliated institutions.
  • A fully supported platform.
  • A common look and feel across both academic calendars.

Features to look forward to

Improved features

Kuali's submission during the bidding process highlighted their solutions allowed for:

  • Curriculum management:
    • Single platform to submit courses, academic plans/programs, and academic regulations, whether new or being changed.
    • Visual representation of changes being proposed, making it easy for approvers to see differences.
    • A conversation tool, allowing for easy and broad consultation and added transparency.
    • A dependency tool, showing where one change to curriculum will impact other curriculum items (e.g., course number change and where that course is currently listed).
    • Ability to edit motions at various stages, as well as send back/rejection when applicable.
    • Smart dynamic forms, shared between undergraduate and graduate studies, allowing for intuitive data entry and ensuring all needed information is collected.
    • Linear workflows that can adjust to our existing governance model and a workflow tracker to indicate at what stage of the workflow a motion is at.
    • Transparent data about motions (current/future/past) available to all users with access.
  • Academic calendar:
    • Pre-formatted options to display course requisites and academic plan/program requirements.
    • Ability to control what is displayed in the academic calendar and what is not.
    • Dynamic search capabilities.
    • Simplified publication process.
    • Ability to publish two academic calendars with different cycles, while having a common look and feel.
  • Overall
    • A single platform to log in to both modules, compatible with ADFS single-sign on already used on campus.
    • Audit trail details - who did what and when.