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Our People


Jonathan Baugh

Principle Investigator

Professor, Chemistry, IQC

Physics cross-appointment

Dr. Francois Sfigakis

Research Assistant Professor

Francois obtained his PhD at Cambridge University with a thesis entitled “Electron transport in etched GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wires”. Prior to that he obtained an MSc from the University of British Columbia and Bachelor’s from McGill University.

Andrew Jordan, MSc

Nanofabrication Technician

Andrew received his BSc in 2017 and MSc in 2020, both from the University of Waterloo. His work focuses on the fabrication of quantum devices in several material systems, including Silicon, GaAs, InAs, InSb and graphene.

Emma Bergeron

PhD Student

Emma received her BSc from Louisiana State University in 2016. She completed her Masters in our group in 2018 with a thesis entitled "Study of surface quantum wells in InSb/AlInSb heterostructures". Emma is currently a PhD student working to develop topological qubits in InSb and InAs two-dimensional electron gases using superconducting proximity effects.

Rubaya Absar

PhD Student

Rubaya received her bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic engineering from Bangladesh. Rubaya completed her Masters of Applied Science during Spring 2021, focusing on developing control circuits for devices that will enable quantum information processing. She is continuing the next phase of this research as a PhD student.

Bohdan Khromets

PhD Student

Bohdan obtained his BSc with Honors in Applied Physics from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. He joined IQC in Fall 2019 as a Master’s student and completed his degree in 2022. He is starting as a PhD student in Fall 2023, working on a comprehensive simulation package for a scalable spin-based quantum computer in silicon, among other theoretical projects.

Zach Merino

PhD Student

Zach obtained a BA in physics with a minor in mathematics at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Zach continued his studies at UNCC by completing his MSc in applied physics with a focus in computational physics. Zach is currently pursuing a PhD in our group, focusing on silicon based spin qubits.

Fiona Thompson

Master's Student

Fiona obtained her BSc with Honours in Chemistry from the University of Victoria in 2022. She is currently an MSc student in our group working to develop two-dimensional electron gas devices for applications in topological quantum computing. She has also worked as a sessional instructor for the university's Chemistry department.

Camille Lacroix

Master's Student

Camille obtained her BSc with Honors in Chemistry from Université Laval in 2022. She is currently an MSc student focusing on the fabrication of Van-Der-Waals graphene heterostructures and graphene-based devices for topological quantum computing applications.

Andrija Paurevic

Master's Student

Andrija obtained his BASc. with Honours in Engineering Physics from the University of Toronto. He joined IQC in Fall 2022 as a Master's student and is working on applying physics-informed machine learning to the automated tuning and optimal control of silicon quantum dot devices.

Tanmay Joshi

Master's Student

Tanmay studied Electronics and Communication Engineering at IIIT Bangalore, India, specializing in VLSI Systems. He started graduate school at IQC in January 2024, and is performing experimental work in our group towards developing electron spin qubit systems in silicon. 

Xinning Wang

Master's Student

Xinning obtained her BSc with Honors in Materials and Nano Sciences from the University of Waterloo and Beijing Jiao Tong University in Fall 2023. She is currently a Master's student in our group, focusing on simulations on silicon-based spin qubits. 

Emma Stephenson

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

Emma is a 2B Nanotechnology Engineering Co-op student at the University of Waterloo. She has previously worked in Software Development and is currently working for the Institute for Quantum Computing on silicon-based spin qubit simulations, and various other projects in the Coherent Spintronics Group. 

Quazell Cunningham

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

Quazell is a 3A Honours Physics Co-op student for the 2024 winter term. She has previously worked at the IQC as a Quantum Outreach and Education Research Assistant. Now, she works mainly on simulations on silicon-based qubits and other projects at the Coherent Spintronics Group.

Former students & Alumni

Leticia Sakata

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

Summer 2023; USEQIP student

Dr. Greg Holloway

Electron Beam Lithography Scientist

NSERC and OGS holder; IQC Achievement Award

Electron Beam Lithography Scientist at Quantum Nanofab

Joanna Roy

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

Summer 2021

Noah Johnson

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

Summer URA, 2016

Yijie Chen

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

Chem 494, 2017

Jiahao Li

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

URA, 2018

Sukanya Kudva

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

Summer MITACS internship, 2019

Kewei Zhou

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

Summer URA, 2020