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Research Topics

Topics Include: 

Additional Research Topics

  • The development of topological qubits in InAs and InSb heterostructures, a joint project with Prof. Zbig Wasilewski's molecular beam epitaxy group.
  • Design and characterization of cryo-CMOS circuits to enable the scalable control and readout for spin-based quantum processors, in collaboration with Prof. Lan Wei (ECE).
  • Transport studies of bi-layer graphene quantum devices, in collaboration with the group of Prof. Chandni U (IISc Bangalore, India).
  • View several research posters in our Research Gallery.

Laboratory equipment and facilities

  • State-of-the-art "dry" dilution refrigerator (Oxford Triton)
    • Cooling power: 250 μW at 100 mK
    • 8 T superconducting magnet
    • Optical access
  • Janis 1.5 K wet He cryostat and magnet system for device testing
  • 4K and 77K device testing
  • Room temperature electronic probe station
  • Quantum Nanofab clean room facility
    • JEOL and Raith electron beam lithography systems, SEM
    • e-beam evaporators (metal deposition), reactive ion etching, photolithography, etc.
RAITH EBL system
Student using a probe station
Oxford VeriCold DR200 dilution refrigerator
The Raith electron-beam lithography system is one of the fabrication tools central to our research, available as part of the Quantum-Nano Initiative at Waterloo. A student using the probe station to perform a test of nanowire conductance. Insert of the Oxford VeriCold DR200 dilution refrigerator system. The bottom plate holds the He3-He4 mixing chamber and reaches base temperature. Sequentially, the upper plates are the 80 mK plate, the still plate, the 4 K plate, and the 70 K plate.

Interested in a Masters or PhD project?

Highly motivated students are currently being sought. Group projects involve:

  • Design, fabrication and experimental characterization of semiconductor quantum devices
  • Quantum transport at cryogenic temperatures
  • Theory, simulation and modeling
  • Scalable QC architectures based on spin qubits

Students will gain both hands-on and theoretical experience across Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science and Electrical Engineering. Firm theoretical grounding (especially quantum mechanics), strong experimental aptitude and creativity are key qualities.


Undergraduate 4th year projects

Projects related to our research on quantum information and its implementations are available for CHEM 494 and PHYS 437


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