Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. Do "Biol" and "Chem" labeled courses count towards my 3 SCI credits?

    No, this requirement refers to the maximum number of general science courses (e.g. SCI ###) that you count towards your degree. Note that this is a maximum and you are not required to take any SCI labeled courses if you don’t wish to.

  2. Can I take extra courses in the summer to "fast track" my degree?

    Yes, but remember that professional schools require an overall coursework average based on full time enrolment, which is 5 courses per semester, so while you can take extra courses in the summer, you still need to take 5 courses in each of the fall and winter semesters.
  3. Do I have to take the courses in the order specified in the calendar or on the checklist sheet?

    No, these are just recommendations and you can take the courses in any order you wish, but you must ensure that you complete all the requirements for the degree if you wish to graduate.