The launch of Chem 13 News online publication

Cover of the September issue of Chem 13 News with a painting of chemistry ideas in the style of Picasso Fifty years ago Chem 13 News magazine started as a free newsletter published by the Chemistry Department at the University of Waterloo and now, with the help of high school teachers around the world, we are moving to publish material online with free access. We have launched our new Chem 13 News website platform and are transitioning into an online publication – You are on it!

The web publication platform is live, and currently over 600 published articles from the last 50 issues are posted. We have organized this material with teachers in mind — by issue, by lessons in chemistry and by categories of articles.

In the 2018/2019 school year, we will

To be clear, online access is free for everyone, even if you do not pay for a print copy subscription. Without printing and mailing costs, along with the University of Waterloo’s continued support, we can have all our content free for access by everyone. We plan to have a one-year transition (2018/2019) during which we continue to offer paid print-copy subscriptions while providing the content free online. After the 2018/2019 year, when the transition is complete, we will no longer offer a print version. 

Renew online for our last year of print copy and help us through this transition. Your name has automatically been added to our email list, so you will know when issues go online. You may notice some puzzles are missing from the online resources. Many are difficult to post in the web format, so we plan to email out student puzzles in our monthly email update. This also ensures students do not have access to the puzzle answers. (Monthly puzzles will still be in the print copy.)

We know that you, Chem 13 News subscribers, are passionate about teaching chemistry, and we would appreciate your support in the following:

  • Spread the word — Let other teachers know that Chem 13 News magazine is free online, and they can subscribe for free monthly updates online.
  • Share your ideas — Submit an article, photo or lab.  Showcase the great things happening in the high school chemistry classroom with a front cover photo. Email
  • Recommend an article — Is there an article from the previous 50 years that is in your opinion, a classic? Let us know so we can post it online for everyone.