Waterloo Visits Walters

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A few weeks ago, the University of Waterloo’s Environmental & Geological Engineering Society (CEGES) coordinated a visit to our company headquarters here in Hamilton, for their 4th Year Steel Design students.

The visit involved learning about our company and our processes such as sales, design assist, project management, detailing, engineering, fabrication, shipping, and erection. Students also had an opportunity to learn about some of our unique engineering challenges and our solutions on various Walters projects.

“Thank you again to all of you for this great opportunity! It was so cool to see all the processes and hear about Walters.” exclaimed Laurent Gerin, Captain of the UW Steel Bridge Design Team and 4th Year Steel Design student. “We’re definitely going back to Waterloo smarter!”

Although this is CEGES’s first time to our Hamilton headquarters, they also visited our Princeton Plant last year. We believe that there is nothing more valuable than a young person gaining experience in their chosen field before they leave school and join the workforce. Offering tours to learn more about our company is a part of our initiative to offer students an opportunity to gain insight.

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CEGES members