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Waterloo launches a new initiative to accelerate a sustainable future for the benefit of the environment, the economy, and society. 

The Sustainable Futures initiative is a collaboration that brings together the Waterloo Climate Institute, the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy and the Water Institute to accelerate holistic approaches to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on the interconnections between energy, climate and water. The Initiative aligns strongly with the Futures Framework under Waterloo at 100, a visioning exercise underway to address Waterloo’s aspirations by its 100th anniversary in 2057. The Futures Framework helps coordinate the University’s efforts in education, research, and innovation as it strives to address global challenges. The Sustainable Futures Initiative is, therefore, a leading example given its emphasis on collaboration enabling greater impact.

“Advancing sustainable futures for the world is a complex problem that links climate, water, energy, alongside societal needs, and inequities, and is driven by global challenges such as extreme weather events, food insecurity and poverty, and endangered ecosystems,” said Charmaine B. Dean, vice-president, Research and International, University of Waterloo.  “The Sustainable Futures initiative is a unique approach that draws upon Waterloo’s expertise in interdisciplinary research to provide innovative solutions to address these challenges for a better world.” 

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Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger

Waterloo Climate Institute member, Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger, has been elected a Fellow by the Royal Society of Canada for her outstanding scholarly contributions — one of Canada's highest academic honours. Congratulations! 

She is one of six University of Waterloo researchers to be honoured. In total, these five new Fellows and one new College Member are among 156 other Canadian researchers elected by their peers for outstanding scholarly, scientific, and artistic achievement announced today by the RSC.