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Juan Moreno-Cruz

Juan Moreno-Cruz

Associate Director, Waterloo Climate Institute; Associate Professor, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development; Canada Research Chair

Juan Moreno-Cruz's research interests include energy systems, technological change, climate policy, solar and carbon geoengineering technologies, and energy transitions.

Sarah Burch

Sarah Burch

Executive Director, Waterloo Climate Institute; Professor, Geography and Environmental Management; Canada Research Chair (On Leave)

Sarah Burch is an expert in transformative responses to climate change at the community scale, innovative strategies for making progress on sustainability, and the unique contributions that small businesses can make to this solving this complex challenge.

Jose's headshot

Jose Di Bella

Manager of Research and Partnerships; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Geography and Environmental Management

Jose Di Bella is the manager of research and partnerships at the Waterloo Climate Institute. Jose works closely with the Institutes’ researchers, partners and collaborators to advance community engaged research. He also leads the Institute’s research development strategy and knowledge mobilization programs. Jose’s experience includes a significant international focus on the social and economic aspects of climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, as well as the design and implementation of climate and sustainability strategies. Jose is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the department of Geography and Environmental Management.

Monica Emelko

Monica Emelko

Associate Director, Waterloo Climate Institute; Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Canada Research Chair

Monica Emelko's research interests include water treatment, wildfire, water quality, pathogens, climate change, filtration, land disturbance, environmental and water resources, water and land management, nanoparticle removal during drinking water and wastewater treatment, quantitative microbial risk assessment, water protection and smart infrastructure.

Simon Glauser headshot

Simon Glauser

Managing Director

Simon Glauser is the managing director of the Waterloo Climate Institute. He oversees the strategic planning and operations, and the development of the organization’s membership and partnerships.

Natalie Heldsinger headshot

Natalie Heldsinger

Communications Officer (On Leave)

Natalie Heldsinger is the communications officer at the Waterloo Climate Institute. She has a background in Communication Studies and French (BA) and Environmental Studies (MES). Natalie is responsible for creating communications content, disseminating member research, organizing events, and supporting press releases and media requests for the Climate Institute.  

Michele Martin headshot

Michèle Martin

Training Program Specialist; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Geography and Environmental Management

Michèle Martin is the training program specialist at the Waterloo Climate Institute. Her role is to support university-wide climate change educational programming, as well as to advance and coordinate external professional development and training opportunities. Michele has over thirty years' experience in sustainability and climate change education and capacity building in Canada and internationally and holds a PhD in Environmental Studies from York University. 

Francis Poulin
Waleed Qaisar Ashfaq

Waleed Qaisar Ashfaq

Information Systems Specialist

Waleed Qaisar Ashfaq is the Information Systems Specialist for the Polar Data Catalogue, hosted at the University of Waterloo. He supports Polar Data Catalogue systems and software and is the technical lead for the OpenDAP initiative at the Waterloo Climate Institute.

Greg Vey headshot

Greg Vey

Director, Research Data Strategy; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Geography and Environmental Management

Greg Vey is the Director of Research Data Strategy for the Waterloo Climate Institute as well as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management, at the University of Waterloo. His role involves the strategic planning of data architecture and infrastructure, with particular attention to data discovery and interoperability. He oversees operations for the Polar Data Catalogue and Canadian Cryospheric Information Network, which involve strong cross-institutional collaborations through initiatives such as the Canadian Consortium for Arctic Data Interoperability.

Elanor Waslander headshot

Elanor Waslander

Communications Officer

Elanor Waslander is the interim communications officer at the Waterloo Climate Institute. She is responsible for supporting communications, knowledge mobilization, events, and press releases. Elanor has over 15 years of experience working in climate and sustainability sectors building capacity, mobilizing knowledge, and engaging partnerships. She has a background in environmental science (BES), education (B.Ed), and studies (MES).

Darren Wynes headshot

Darren Wynes

Project Coordinator

Darren Wynes is the Project Coordinator at the Waterloo Climate Institute. He is responsible for assisting in the implementation of the Institute’s projects and activities, project administration, event logistics, and financial support. He has a background in finance and recently completed a Masters in Environmental Studies and Graduate Diploma in Climate Risk Management at UWaterloo.

Thy Huynh headshot

Thy Huynh

Graduate Research Assistant

Thy Huynh is a graduate research assistant at the Waterloo Climate Institute, working on a project to facilitate interdisciplinary communications and collaboration while advancing the groundwork for interdisciplinary grant proposals. Thy is a recent graduate from the master’s program in the School of Environment, Resources and Sustainability and is interested in exploring the intersections of public health and climate change.

Fatima Patka headshot

Fatima Patka

Climate Change Education Assistant

Fatima Patka is an undergraduate Co-op research assistant at the Waterloo Climate Institute. She is responsible for supporting the Climate Leaders Program in both planning and implementation. She has a background in organizing leadership workshops for students.  She is currently completing a B.A.Sc. in Environmental Engineering.