Kevin W. Li


Kevin W. Li

Professor, Management Science, University of Windsor.

Kevin W Li

The long-term objective of Dr. Kevin Li’s research is to develop decision support technologies for tackling complex decision situations in which conflicting interests and criteria are inevitable and must be addressed before sound, equitable, and sustainable solutions are obtained. His research interests span from supply chain management, to decision models and conflict resolution. His research in supply chain management employs game-theoretic models to examine different operational and coordination issues in the supply chain, ranging from pricing, warranty, and product design to investment in corporate social responsibility. His research in decision models is to investigate complex decision problems for which multiple criteria and different decision inputs have to be considered before a sound and equitable solution can be achieved. Another stream of his research is to extend an innovative decision technology, the graph model for conflict resolution, along three directions: considering coalition analysis, introducing uncertain preferences, and addressing conflict evolution from an initial state to a final outcome.

+1 519 253 3000 Ext. 3456
Location: Odette School of Business, University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4

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