Other Copyright Act Exceptions

33. Are students permitted to include copyright-protected materials in their assignments and presentations?

Generally, yes. Since fair dealing now includes education, students may include limited amounts of material in their assignments and presentations. See the Fair Dealing Advisory for details about amounts allowable under fair dealing.

31. May I play music in class?

Yes! The Copyright Act allows instructors to play a sound recording or a live audio broadcast in class as long as it is for educational purposes, not for profit, on University premises, and before an audience consisting primarily of students.

28. May I make copies of copyright-protected works to hand out to students in class? May I include copies of another person’s images and materials in my PowerPoint presentations?

You may make copies of another person’s works and hand them out to students enrolled in your course, and you may also include another person’s work, including images, in your PowerPoint presentations that you display to students enrolled in your course. In both cases, you must adhere to the amount that may be copied under fair dealing. Please see the Fair Dealing Advisory for copying limits.

17. How can I tell if the materials I find online are legal copies?

Figuring out if the content you want to use was legally posted online can be difficult. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind when assessing content that will help you make a more informed decision. If you are having difficulty figuring out if the content you want to use is a legal copy, please contact us at copyright@uwaterloo.ca.

02. What rights does a copyright owner have?

Copyright gives the copyright owner several legal rights, such as the right to copy and translate a work, the right to communicate a work to the public by telecommunication, and the right to assign permission to third parties to circulate the work on the copyright owner's behalf. These rights are qualified by certain exceptions that balance the copyright owner’s interests with the public interest in allowing the use of copyright-protected works for purposes such as education and research.

24. What are the copyright implications for sharing material on Perusall?

The considerations for sharing materials on Perusall are similar to the considerations for sharing material on a learning management system such as LEARN. You may share copyright-protected material on Perusall if one of the following situations applies: