Guest: Anik Seth, Co-founder Seth Hospitality Services and HUEX Labs
In conversation with Nancy Vanden Bosch and Adam Presslee
September 2020

Anik Seth declined a full-time employment offer on graduation from the University of Waterloo’s Accounting and Financial Management program, choosing instead to open a Tim Hortons franchise. During the ensuing 8 years, Anik and his team grew the business from that one franchise to over 60 locations. After transitioning responsibilities to his management team, Anik co-founded HUEX Labs: a business in the Artificial Intelligence space, building products to assist and make our daily Human Experience better.

Through our conversation with Anik, learn about the philosophy and techniques taken to manage performance across the company’s 60+ Tim Hortons franchise locations. Anik’s philosophy values people, products, and performance. The sequence has profound meaning as Anik views people – both employees and customers – as his top priority. Listen as Anik describes the range of techniques used to increase employee engagement: some traditional techniques like incentive systems; and, other more innovative techniques like cultivating a culture that features security, leadership, and the opportunity for advancement.

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A Culture that Puts People First with Anik Seth, CPA, CMA [22:55 minutes]

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People, Product, then Profit [1:45 minutes]

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Specific Mechanisms to Develop Culture [3:28 minutes]

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Helping People Change Self-limiting Beliefs [2:29 minutes]

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