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CPA Ontario Centre for Sustainability Reporting and Performance Management

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The CPA Ontario Centre for Sustainability Reporting and Performance Management (CSPM) has three primary objectives:

  1. Support the creation and dissemination of leading-edge sustainability reporting and performance management research relevant to academia, policy-makers and standard setters, and the accounting, financial and business communities.
  2. Engage in thought leadership by: broadly communicating and disseminating research findings to the academic and business communities; providing networking opportunities between academics and practitioners; and contributing to national and international discussions related to sustainability reporting standards, including their regulation and issues associated with their attestation.
  3. Enhance educational experiences by: sharing insights on Centre research as communicated by senior SAF students who participate in our academic mentorship program each year; and producing and disseminating a series of podcasts, featuring expert practitioners from our Performance Management in Practice Speaker Series.


The Centre has a seven-member Advisory Board:

  • Elizabeth Demers, PhD, CA, CMA (Professor, School of Accounting and Finance)
  • Sarah Keyes, CPA, CA (CEO, ESG Global Advisors Inc.)
  • Jacqui Mulligan, CPA, CA (Vice President, Education, CPA Ontario)
  • Adam Presslee, CPA, CA (Associate Professor, School of Accounting and Finance)
  • Anik Seth, CPA, CMA (CEO, Huex)
  • Sarah Skinner, CPA, CA (Post-Secondary Institution (PSI) Relations Officer, CPA Ontario)
  • Nancy Vanden Bosch, CPA, CA, CMA (Continuing Lecturer, School of Accounting and Finance)