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Contemporary Issues in Sustainability Reporting Symposium

CPA Ontario Centre for Sustainability Reporting and Performance Management (CSPM) is proud to bring together thought leaders from academia and business to explore and discuss contemporary issues in sustainability reporting. This event will provide an opportunity to interact and share ideas throughout the symposium.

CPAO UW CSPM Webinar – Carbon Accounting with Prof. Karthik Ramanna hosted by Prof. Liz Demers

The CPAO Centre for Sustainability Reporting and Performance Management at the School of Accounting & Finance of University of Waterloo hosted its inaugural sustainability webinar on Monday, November 13th, 2023 at 12 noon. This was the first in a series of practitioner-oriented conversations with leading experts related to the most important sustainability topics of the day.

Our guest was Professor Karthik Ramanna of the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government and the E-liability Institute. The E-liability Institute is a global non-profit organization that is committed to establishing a rigorous approach to carbon accounting worldwide – a simple algorithm for real-time, accurate, and verifiable measurement of the total carbon impact of any product or service.

In a recent Harvard Business Review article co-authored with Professor Robert Kaplan of the Harvard Business School, Professor Ramanna introduced a novel approach to carbon accounting referred to as the E-liability method. The article went on to win the 2022 HBR-McKinsey Award for “groundbreaking management thinking”, which in turn kicked off a series of pilot adoptions of the method by organisations around the world. During the webinar, Professor Ramanna explains the E-liability method and discusses how the Institute works with organisations that voluntarily embrace the method and helps governments and decision-makers to upgrade the global standards for carbon reporting.

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