A Busy (Virtual!) Spring 2020

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Comings and Goings in Spring 2020

While much has changed since the end of Winter 2020 term (university campus closing due to COVID-19 containment measures, research put to a halt, students and staff working from home and connecting by way of Zoom or MS Teams...), DIESEL still has plenty of news to share!

MSc alumna and co-supervised PhD Candidate Angie Lang (University of Saskatchewan) successfully defended her thesis (virtually!) on May 21st, while Jackie Maciukiewicz successfully proposed her PhD thesis (which builds on her MSc work with DIESEL) via WebEx on May 25th. Both students are focused on clincial biomechanics research, specifically working with breast cancer survivors.  Good luck to Angie with her future endeavours, and we're excited for Jackie to get going on her proposed research as soon as we are able!

Coming up later this term we also have a planned MSc Proposal and a PhD Defense, both likely to be conducted at a distance. We're proud of our students for adjusting to the new situation they find themselves in, and supporting them as best we can!