A core value of the Digital Industrial Ergonomic and Shoulder Evaluation Laboratory (DIESEL)  is to distribute our findings so that they can be accessed across academic and applied fields of study.

Since 2005, DIESEL has published 132 peer-reviewed journal articles (including four internationally invited papers for themed special issues) in leading journals with high biomechanics and ergonomics impact factors. These include The Journal of Biomechanics, Ergonomics, Applied Ergonomics, Clinical Biomechanics, The Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, and The Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery.

Some recent publications include:

*Lang, A.E., Lim J-H., and Dickerson C.R., 2021, Activation patterns of shoulder internal and external rotators during pure axial moment generation across a postural range, Journal of Biomechanics, in press as of May 3, 2021.

*Bulbrook B.D., *La Delfa N.J., *McDonald A.C., *Liang C., Callaghan J.P., and Dickerson C.R., 2021, Higher body mass index and body fat percentage correlate to lower joint and functional strengths in working age adults, Applied Ergonomics, in press as of April 23, 2021.

*Cudlip A.C., Callaghan J.P., *Dulhanty C., Wong A., and Dickerson C.R., 2021, Quantifying supraspinatus tendon responses to exposures emulative of human physiological levels in an animal model, Journal of Biomechanics, in press as of April 20, 2021.

*Cudlip A.C., *McDonald A.C., and Dickerson C.R., 2021, Examining joint loading and self-reported exertion and discomfort during ladder handling, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, in press as of March 8, 2021.

*Maciukiewicz J.M., *Whittaker R.L., *Hogervorst K.B., and Dickerson C.R., 2021, Wrapping technique and wrapping height interact to modify physical exposures during manual pallet wrapping, Applied Ergonomics, in press as of January 28, 2021.

*La Delfa N.J., *Kunesegaram A., *Whittaker R.L., and Dickerson C.R., 2021, Determining best practices for manual pill crushing through evaluation of upper extremity muscle exposures, Applied Ergonomics, 103275.

*denotes DIESEL trainee