Engineering Science Quest (ESQ) offers online registration for its programs.  The following explains how to register as well as various policies surrounding registration.

How to register 

  • Spring Programs (March - June) Please register based on the grade your child is currently attending.
  • Summer Programs (July - August) Please register based on the grade your child will be entering in the Fall.
  • Fall Programs (September - December) Please register based on the grade your child is currently attending.
  1. Create an account in our registration system. ESQ has made a shift over to CampBrain in order to provide a more accessible and positive registration experience for everyone. It should only take a few minutes of your time. If you created an account with us in Spring or Summer 2020, you can jump to step 3!

    * Remember to create your account as the parent/guardian!
    You’ll be able to add your children into your profile afterward.

  2. At this point, you can add all information for the children you are registering by clicking on 'Manage People and Household Information' in the bottom left corner. Remember, you must be the legal guardian of the child (please don’t ask your wonderful friends or neighbors to register for you!)
  3. Registration Day : Log into your account (or make an account if you have yet to do so), select the season, add your children, and pick your programs.
  4. Please note that all registrations require the forms marked with a red asterisk. These may take a few minutes to fill out depending on your selected sessions. Once a session is added to your cart and you move to the page marked 'Step 3', you will have a window of 20 minutes to complete registration so as to give some time to fill out all necessary forms. 
  5. Bursaries: If bursaries are available in your selected season, you will have the option to select and complete the bursary application within your account. We will contact you once the application is assessed. 
  6. Make sure that you take a look at our FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) as well as additional details below.

Commitment to barrier free programming

We believe that every child should have the right to experience our programs to their fullest potential. In order to help us achieve this goal, ESQ offers both a bursary and support program.