UW Course Evaluation Project Website

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

snippet of new course evaluation project home page

The Course Evaluation Project now has its own web site:


Of particular interest to faculty teaching members may be the Timeline page, which outlines the different phases the project has worked through thus far, and the General FAQs page.

The proposed core questions, which were piloted in fall 2018, appear on the FAQs about the pilot test page and are listed below for your reference:

  1. The instructor identified the intended learning outcomes for this course.
  2. The intended learning outcomes were assessed through my graded work.
  3. The course activities prepared me for the graded work.
  4. Graded work was returned in a reasonable amount of time.
  5. The instructor helped me to understand the course concepts.
  6. The instructor created a supportive environment that helped me learn.
  7. The instructor stimulated my interest in this course.
  8. Overall, I learned a great deal from this instructor.
  9. Overall, the quality of my learning experience in this course was excellent
  10. The course workload demands were…. (scale ranging from very low to very high)

The Cours Evaluation Project is nearing the end of phase 2 and will enter phase 3 in winter 2020. The final part of phase 2 will include consultations with each Faculty on the content of faculty-wide questions. In preparation, Engineering teaching members are encouraged to

  • review and consider the work that has been done to arrive at the core questions that were piloted in fall 2018,
  • think about what questions might be relevant to all courses taught in the Faculty of Engineering (faculty-level questions),
  • think about what questions might be relevant to all courses taught in your own academic unit (department-level questions), and
  • consider what kinds of questions you might be interested to ask students in your own classes (instructor-level questions).

Thank you for your continued engagement with the Course Evaluation Project as we move closer to a standardized survey instrument that will meet the needs of all our varied course offerings!