Aishwariya Pattanaik

MES Candidate


LinkedIn: Aishwarya Pattanaik

I am an international graduate student at the University of Waterloo, pursuing a Masters of Environment Studies in Sustainability Management (SUSM) from the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED). I have completed my Bachelor’s in Botany from B.J.B. Autonomous College, Odisha, India and a Master’s in Ecology and Environment Studies from Nalanda University, Bihar, India.

I have worked on mangrove ecosystems, sacred groves, community responses on biodiversity conservation and waste management in my undergraduate and graduate studies as well as summer and winter internships. My passion for working with the community for environmental development and sustainability during my internship days is what attracted me to this sector in the first place.

I am currently working with my Supervisor Prateep Nayak on my Master’s research “Mangrove-Dependent Small-Scale Fishery (SSF) Communities in the Indian Sundarbans – From Vulnerability to Viability”. My key focus is to bridge the gap between SSF and mangroves when viewed from a socio-ecological systems (SES) perspective.