Dulguun Maidar

MES Candidate

Email: dmaidar@uwaterloo.ca

My name is Dulguun Maidar and I am from Mongolia, an Asian country situated between Russia and China. In recent years mining industry is growing in exponential rate attracting investments, bringing development. On the other hand, this development endangers the traditional land using culture and lack of knowledge dealing with international business environment, and has put Mongolia in an awkward position. Observing all the change happening, pushed me to get interested environmental field and stakeholder engagement methods to bring every side of the certain issue to the table. To briefly introduce my academic background, I obtained my undergraduate degree at the Hunter College of the City University of New York, double majoring in Political Science concentrated in United States Politics and Economics. As a young man wishing to make my own contribution to facilitate resolving some of above challenges, I entered Master of Environmental Studies in Sustainability Management degree program.