Evan Andrews

PhD Candidate

Email: e3andrews@uwaterloo.ca

I am interested in how our values and beliefs interact with social-ecological systems to influence our perceptions and responses to environmental change. In my PhD research, I will build a transdisciplinary approach for understanding these interactions in the context of marine systems in the Atlantic Ocean. My goal is to identify pathways for the integration of values and perceptions in environmental governance to enhance the resilience of Atlantic coastal marine systems. Under the supervision of Professor Derek Armitage, my PhD research is part of the OceanCanada Partnership in which I am collaborating with the Atlantic Working Group to develop broad descriptions and analyses of Atlantic coastal regions. Through my work, I am committed and excited to learning from my colleagues, research and community partners, and mentors to build my skills as a transdisciplinary researcher. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Justice Studies from the University of Regina and a Master of Environment and Sustainability from the School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan. In addition, I am collaborating on the Delta Dialogue Network, led by Professor Toddi Steelman, in which we have carried out research about how Indigenous youth can lead sustainability science in the Saskatchewan River Delta. In my spare time, I am writing and reading like crazy, but in my spare, spare time, I am involved in the Canadian water polo community as a domestic and international referee.