Navya Nair

MES Candidate


LinkedIn: Navya Nair

Research: Analysing Water Quality Issues to Examine Vulnerability of Small-Scale Fisheries in Chilika Lagoon, India.

I’m an international graduate student from Kerala, India pursuing Master of Environmental Studies in Sustainability Management at University of Waterloo. Under the supervision of Dr. Prateep Nayak, I will be using I-ADApT method for studying the vulnerability and viability of small-scale fisheries in Chilika Lagoon (India) through the water quality analysis.

I also hold a Masters Tech in Environmental Engineering and am a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering. I have over one-year research experience in air quality monitoring and wastewater treatment projects. I worked as a Senior Research Fellow at ICAR-Indian Institute of Water Management and EDF for microbiological filter development and air pollution repository establishment. My research interests broadly include water quality analysis, wastewater treatment, coastal fisheries, microbial fuel cell and bio-energy generation.

As a Civil-Environmental Engineer, I have received exposure to several design and analysis innovative technologies. My drive to integrate and examine the humanistic side of engineering introduced me to social-ecological systems, resilience and well-being. The background of interdisciplinary studies fosters a love of learning and ignites a spark of enthusiasm in me. I’m engaged with outreach activities related to ecological oversights and would love to learn more about advancements in environmental research areas. I’d love to stay up-to-date and look forward to opportunities to gain expertise.