Sisir Pradhan

PhD Candidate


Linkedin: Sisir Pradhan

I am a PhD scholar in Sustainability Management (SUSM) at the University of Waterloo, Canada. I am honing my skills on contemporary challenges in sustainability management through transdisciplinary perspectives with 21 years of professional experience of working with NGOs, international agencies, government, and UN agencies. My research aims at challenging the present value chain concepts from a socio-ecological systems perspective for the wellbeing of resource communities. The constant search for innovations guided by whole systems approach has helped to sharpen my skills on strategic engagement on development issues imbedded in the complex human and environment systems. The academic engagement with long professional experience in national and international development space including South Asia and Africa offered me opportunities to shape development initiatives in the area of natural resource management, livelihoods, sustainable agriculture, social protection, environmental health, climate change, and disaster management. I have 11 publications to my credit that include 5 journal articles, two edited books, two technical papers, one book chapter, and 1 newsletter posting. I have also received SSHRC and IDRC research grant, Waterloo award for excellent academic performance.