The EOF Error Map Method is for finding interesting times in time-indexed model output.  A classic example of time-indexed model output would be the data sets you get from a computational fluid dynamics experiment.  The method makes it easy to identify times to focus your analysis on, even when the data set is too large to easily visualize.

Presentation of EOF Error Maps

This is an introduction to EOF Error Maps for time indexed-model output. 

Animations of Figures from PLOS 2019

Figure 5

The development of a spontaneous instability with the associated error map.

Figure 6

A wave propating past a sharp change in the density profile, with the associated error map.

Figure 7

Two waves interacting, with the associated error map.

For More Information

 For more information see "Feature identification in time-indexed model output" (PLOS 2019).  For a full discussion of EOF Error Maps, along with other feature identification methods see the associated PhD Thesis.