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  1. Oct. 22, 2019Points International Ltd.

    Student Level: Junior, Masters, Senior, Intermediate
    Student Type: Co-op and Graduating

  2. Oct. 22, 2019Canada's Indochinese Refugee Program: Policy Innovation and Societal Change
    Event Poster

    Mike Molloy is co-author of Running on Empty: Canada and the Indochinese Refugee Movement 1975-80, and has 40 years’ experience in international and refugee affairs. In 1979 and 1980 he coordinated the Indochinese refugee program that brought 60,000 refugees to Canada. Molloy is Adjunct Research Professor at Carleton University, and is president of the Canadian Immigration Historical Society.

  3. Oct. 22, 2019Concept Grad Event: Turn Your Research into a Startup
    TYRIS event graphic & details

    At this panel discussion with local founders and University of Waterloo professors, learn how the skills and research gained through your graduate studies can enable you to be a great entrepreneur. Meet other graduate students and build your network with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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