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Maintenance for Unit4 Login Format Change - End of Day November 23rd

Due to improvements in the single sign-on service, the "nexus" portion of Unit4 logins will no longer be necessary after November 23rd.

To access Unit4, your login will change to simply use your watiam-based email as follows:

Any login formats using "nexus" will no longer be valid after the update.

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Concur is the University's online system for submitting out-of-pocket expense claims.

NOTE:  Concur has retired the Concur mobile app on the Windows Phone and BlackBerry starting January 31, 2018 due to dramatically decreasing usage.


If you are experiencing an issue with the Concur system, you may wish to consult the Concur Service Status Dashboard to see if there is a known issue that is being worked on by Concur.  It can also be accessed from within Concur using a link in the bottom left of the screen.

Notes: Our instance is on the North American Data Center, so ensure you are looking at the appropriate tab.  Also, the only services that are relevant to us here are Expenses, Imaging, and Mobile.