PhD Candidate (Psychology)

Chanel is a PhD student in Psychology (Cognitive Neuroscience) under the supervision of Dr. Mike Dixon. She is also working as a Knowledge Translation and Exchange hub member in the University of Waterloo Gambling Research Lab. 
Chanel Larche, PhD Candidate
Her Master’s and PhD work explores the convergence of gambling and video-game modalities in general (e.g., the introduction of gambling features into certain video-games, and the gamification of gambling games). Specifically, her work aims to determine the implications such convergences have on a player’s psychophysiological experience and problematic gambling/gaming behaviour.


Dixon, M. J., Larche, C. J., Stange, M., Graydon, C., & Fugelsang, J. A. (2018). Near-misses and stop buttons in slot machine play: An investigation of how they affect players, and may foster erroneous cognitions. Journal of Gambling Studies, 34(1), 161-180.

Dixon, M. J., Stange, M., Larche, C. J., Graydon, C., Fugelsang, J. A., & Harrigan, K. A. (2018). Dark flow, depression and multiline slot machine play. Journal of Gambling Studies, 34(1), 73-84.

Larche, C. J., Musielak, N., & Dixon, M. J. (2017). The Candy Crush Sweet Tooth: How ‘Near-misses’ in Candy Crush Increase Frustration, and the Urge to Continue Gameplay. Journal of Gambling Studies, 33(2), 599-615.

University of Waterloo