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Dr. Michael Dixon

Director - Research Stream
Dr. Michael Dixon.
519-888-4567 x32877
Location: PAS 4035
Link to profile: Dr. Michael Dixon

Dr. Kevin Harrigan

Director - Knowledge Translation Stream
Dr. Kevin Harrigan.
519-888-4567 x23011
Location: DMS 2018
Link to profile: Dr. Kevin Harrigan

Dr. Jonathan Fugelsang

Dr. Jonathan Fugelsang
(519) 888 - 4567 x37197
Location: PAS 4055
Link to profile: Dr. Jonathan Fugelsang

Dr. Dan Brown

Professor (Cheriton School of Computer Science)
Dr. Dan Brown
519-888-4567 x36278
Location: DC 2319
Link to profile: Dr. Dan Brown
Link to personal webpage: Dan Brown

Chanel Larche

PhD Candidate (Psychology)

Madison Stange

PhD Candidate (Psychology)

Alexander Walker

PhD Candidate (Psychology)

Tyler Kruger

MA Candidate (Psychology)